What Makes
Us Unique?

Why choose us? Let's count the ways! You'll like getting braces and Invisalign more at Freedman & Haas Orthodontics.


Experienced & Compassionate Doctors

With decades of combined experience, Freedman and Haas Orthodontics will help you choose the orthodontic treatment that is right for you.

Dr. Freedman and Dr. Haas have devoted their lives and careers to compassionately serving children and adults in the community by creating beautiful, healthy, life-long smiles.

Dr. Freedman and Dr. Haas collaborate to develop the best treatment plan for you, because they love seeing your smile and confidence transform as you complete treatment.


Board-Certified Orthodontists

Choosing a board-certified orthodontist guarantees you will receive the highest caliber of clinical care.

As board-certified orthodontists, Drs. Freedman and Haas have maintained the pinnacle of orthodontic care standards in the field for over 15 years.

Board Certification is the highest professional orthodontic recognition, and while it is not mandatory, it signifies superior knowledge and skills and continuous evaluation. Their dedication to this standard was exemplified in 2012, when each doctor presented over a dozen complex treated cases with exceptional outcomes to the American Board of Orthodontics in Dallas, Texas, meeting strenuous certification requirements at the time, a mandatory requirement that has since been lifted.


Advanced Technology

Freedman and Haas Orthodontics is a digitally driven office that leverages advanced technology to give you the best orthodontic care and the most comfortable patient experience.

Our office is equipped with 3D imaging and itero digital scanning, to give us the most detailed and complete view of the dental anatomy and bone structures that lie beneath the surface, vastly improving diagnosis and treatment. Additionally, the Drs. use the Smile Arc Protection technique to precisely place brackets on each tooth such that the teeth form a beautiful curve framed by the lips. Our in-house lab aims for precision and quick turn-around, ensuring the proper fit and comfort of your orthodontic devices


Flexible Payment Plans

At Freedman & Haas Orthodontics, you get many ways to pay for our affordable braces. You won't also don't need to worry about any extra fees or unexpected charges.

We'll help you save money by maximizing your insurance, flex spending, HSA, and other benefits.

Orthodontics Palm Beach FL

Husband and Wife Team

As a family-owned practice, we work together to ensure that every treatment plan is well thought-out to provide the best outcome. This built-in second opinion has been the cornerstone of our practice for 30 years. Our individualized plans are reviewed with a comprehensive analysis by both doctors, as we use both our advanced technology and years of wisdom to diagnose and create your beautiful smile.

Cosmetic Injectables, Botox and Facial Fillers

We take the entire face into account when treating our patients and know the importance of offering all the necessary tools to make you look your best, along with your smile. To assist her patients with both their confidence, smile and overall appearance, Dr. Haas performs injectable wrinkle treatments and lip flips with Botox, plus facial rejuvenation with dermal fillers such as Juvederm, Volbella and Restylane. This added convenience also provides our patients with substantial cost savings

Orthodontics Palm Beach FL
Orthodontics Palm Beach FL

Freedman and Haas Orthodontics bring smiles to the entire community!

Drs. Freedman and Haas actively engage with the community through various outreach initiatives. As business partners and sponsors collaborating with local schools, they take part in career fairs, community events, and deliver presentations during Dental Health Month, offering much needed donations as folders, backpacks, toothbrushes, and other supplies. Freedman and Haas Orthodontics received recognition as the 2024 Bronze Award Business Partner for Palm Beach Public Elementary School and was honored with the 2020 Palm Beach County Business Partner of the Year award in the Health Care category, nominated by BAK MSOA. Through these efforts, the Freedman and Haas team strives to educate the community about the importance of dental health and ensure that the West Palm Beach and Wellington Communities are filled with smiles.