Affordable Options

At Freedman & Haas, you’ll enjoy a great value for a reasonable price.

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How Much Do Braces Cost?

The overall cost of your orthodontic treatment depends on your needs and treatment plan, but that should never be an obstacle between you and your best smile. The Freedman & Haas team will work with you to find an arrangement that fits your budget.

After we develop your customized treatment plan at your first free consultation, we’ll provide all the different payment plan options developed with your help to fit your budget. That way, you can make the best choice for you and your smile.

Financial Options

Besides accepting most major insurance plans, you can enjoy the following payment and financial options:

  • Preferred patient interest-free financing: We can customize a payment plan that can work for your family’s budget!
  • In-office, no-interest pick-a-payment options: Extend monthly payments and reduce down payments.
  • HSA/FSA: Spend from your health savings account and flexible spending account.
  • Paid-in-full discount: Get a discount when you pay the full amount on the front-end
  • Credit cards: We accept all major credit cards
  • Wisetack (pay over time, similar to Affirm)

Not Having Dental Insurance, They Really Worked With Me.

When my older daughter needed braces, I asked around her school for recommendations. The only name I heard was Drs. Freedman and Haas.

Not having dental insurance, they really worked with me and understood my situation. After my girl’s braces came off, she was left with an amazing smile her confidence level shot through the roof!

- Happy Smiley Mom

Price Is Very Reasonable!

Very impressed with the doctors, technicians, and staff. The price is very reasonable as well. I live 25 minutes away from the office, but it's definitely worth the drive. Highly recommend.

- Llan


We accept more insurance plans than any other orthodontist in the West Palm Beach area as part of our commitment to making a great smile as affordable as possible.

If your insurance plan covers any part of your orthodontic treatment, we’ll help you discover these benefits before you even come to your first free visit. Just give us a call.

We accept all plans and policies apart from DeltaCare, Aetna DMO, or Liberty.

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