Why See an Orthodontist for Treatment?

Seeking out orthodontic care can be a life-changing experience. Whether it is to improve your smile or work on an overdue concern, that is where the expertise of our orthodontists, Dr. Freedman and Dr. Haas, come in. Dr. Freedman & Dr. Haas have undergone years of training and have even gone the extra mile to become board-certified in the field of orthodontics, beyond that of your dentist, to make a real difference in your smile. They continue to learn and keep up with the ever-changing treatment options. Our team is here to share why seeing an orthodontic specialist for treatment is valuable, and the procedures we offer are more individualized and patient-oriented, which makes for the best result and most beautiful smile.


The Role of an Orthodontist

What Do They Do?

Orthodontists are specialized dentists with training in the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of teeth and jaw alignment. They have completed additional schooling past the required dental school in order to learn how to best treat patients with these irregularities. Mastering how to spot issues beyond general health concerns like dentists they specialize in how to combat potential problems you may experience before they become severe.

Common issues patients bring to our office are crowded or crooked teeth, bite complications such as overbite and underbite, and malocclusion. They play a crucial role in helping patients of all ages work on their smiles and enhance their long-term oral health. 

Importance of Board-Certification

Selecting an orthodontist who is board-certified, as Dr. Freedman and Dr. Haas are, is just another reason you can place your full confidence in them when pursuing treatment. On top of their orthodontic training, they also passed rigorous written and clinical exams to display their full dedication to the profession, as well as serving patients with utmost care to ensure their dental goals are met. 


What Kinds Of Treatment Are Offered?

Early Intervention For Children

Children have the unique advantage of their jaw and other bones still developing before their teenage years, allowing orthodontists the chance to utilize less invasive procedures for early treatment. Dentists who have minimal in-depth training on the subject can only give you a general idea of what your child may need. 

The earlier diagnoses are made by an orthodontist who understands the complexities of how bone structure and teeth growth work, the less complicated procedures can be and even help you save money by avoiding preventable issues down the line. 

Metal and Clear Braces

Traditional metal braces and clear ceramic braces are both effective and complex tools an orthodontist utilizes to fix alignment issues to ensure a smooth smile journey from start to end. 

When administered by an expert orthodontist, like our own Dr. Freedman and Dr. Haas, they are able to ensure your teeth move in the right direction. Their experience remains focused on tailoring braces to your specific goals and how they can ensure they are met. At Freedman & Haas Orthodontics, they always result in a beautifully aligned smile you can’t get anywhere else!


Invisalign utilizes modern technology to straighten teeth using a series of custom-made plastic trays patients wear to reach their desired alignment. Advancing each year, orthodontists stay up-to-date on Invisalign developments and can most effectively provide trays custom to your teeth. While a dentist’s focus is more generalized on how to keep teeth healthy, orthodontists go one step further in gaining mastery in how Invisalign does its job and how to best manipulate the technology to your smile needs. 


Why See an Orthodontist for Treatment?

Why Seek The Expertise Of An Orthodontist Instead Of A Dentist?

While dentists are great for dealing with common oral issues, it is crucial you seek out an orthodontist for your braces, or Invisalign needs because they specialize exclusively in providing expert tooth and jaw realignment treatment. The additional years of training are undergone to ensure their patients receive only the best care and can rely on the experience of a specialist in the field.

General Health

Seeing an orthodontist for treatment can have beneficial effects on far more than just your oral health. In fact, the condition and hygiene of your teeth can potentially increase your risk of general health issues such as heart disease, diabetes, and strokes. The earlier you are able to see an orthodontist who can professionally diagnose any issues you may be experiencing, the less complicated treatment will be. 

Oral Health

Surpassing simple dental upkeep, going to the orthodontist to straighten your teeth will make brushing and flossing your teeth each day a much easier experience. When your teeth are perfectly aligned through the help of orthodontic appliances, you are able to thoroughly clean the full surface area of every tooth, thus less likely to suffer from plaque buildup and bad bacteria.

Never Too Late To Start Treatment

That being said, you are never too late to book an appointment and have your teeth checked out. We encourage adults to start when they are ready if they were not given the chance to pursue orthodontic treatment as a child. Adult treatment may take longer than it does for our younger patients, but it is absolutely worth the energy you put in. 

Treatment performed by an orthodontist can be a transformative experience. The chance to fix issues that affect your everyday routine can improve your quality of life and mental health, helping you approach life with a more optimistic attitude.

Individualized Care Plans

After an initial examination, orthodontists can quickly gather what issues you are experiencing as well as how to most effectively tackle them. We ensure each treatment plan is unique to the patient and can properly care for their needs. Instead of generalizing your treatment, orthodontists factor in more than just the issue at hand but current oral and general health, age, and lifestyle. 

Technology continues to advance rapidly and has allowed orthodontists to offer more specific treatment than ever. We’re able to predict how your teeth will move based on modifying our 3-D models of your teeth. A technology dentists may not have access to.


Why See an Orthodontist for Treatment?

Discover the Power of Orthodontic Care!

If your teeth are not where you want them to be, that’s okay! Orthodontists like Dr. Freedman and Dr. Haas are dedicated to realigning your teeth and helping patients fall in love with their smiles. The teams at our Wellington and West Palm Beach offices are always ready to help new patients begin their journey with a free consultation to learn more about your needs. Whether you are an adult ready to seek treatment or a child starting their braces, we’re here to make your experience a successful one!