Meet Your Wellington Family Orthodontists

Dr. Freedman and Dr. Haas

Dr. Douglas Freedman &
Dr. Sharon Haas

Dr. Sharon Haas is a distinguished orthodontics expert with a strong academic background, recognized for her published work in reputable trade journals and frequent invitations as a speaker at prestigious conferences like the American Association of Orthodontics Annual Session.

Dr. Douglas Freedman, a New York native, has been dedicated to serving smiles in West Palm and Wellington for over three decades. As a lifelong educator, he also contributes to training new orthodontists at PBSC's Dental Research Center.

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Orthodontic Care for All Ages

At our Wellington location, we believe everyone deserves a confident, beautiful smile. Our team of orthodontic specialists provides tailored treatment options, including braces and Invisalign, for children, teenagers, and adults. Experience exceptional orthodontic care for patients of all ages with us.

Orthodontic Care for Children

At our Wellington location, we follow the American Association of Orthodontists' recommendation of an early orthodontic check-up by age 7. Our experts prioritize your child's dental health, ensuring proper teeth and jaw alignment for a healthy bite.

By age 7, your child's teeth and jaw will have developed enough for our team to identify any potential issues. This initial check-up doesn't automatically mean braces are needed. We may determine a healthy bite or opt to monitor their dental development until the appropriate treatment age. Each smile is unique, and early intervention may be necessary for specific cases.

Early orthodontic care allows us to monitor jaw growth and address any concerns in their early stages, reducing overall treatment time effectively.

West Palm Beach Braces

Orthodontic Care for Teens

Teens often wonder about the duration of their orthodontic journey. At our Wellington location, we assure you that we're committed to creating your most beautiful smile. Today's braces are far superior, offering a range of styles, materials, and colors that are smaller, sleeker, and more comfortable than ever before.

In addition to traditional metal braces, our teen patients have the option of discreet ceramic braces, blending seamlessly with their teeth while delivering exceptional results. Alternatively, clear aligners like Invisalign offer a wire-free solution, gradually straightening teeth with removable, transparent trays.

At our Wellington office, we provide exceptional orthodontic care exclusively designed for children and teens, ensuring confident smiles and optimal oral health.

Adult Orthodontics

It may come as a surprise that adults now represent a significant portion of orthodontic patients, accounting for approximately 20 percent. At Freedman & Haas Orthodontics in Wellington, we understand that achieving a beautiful, confident smile is important at any age.

Adults choose orthodontic treatment later in life for various reasons, including improving their oral health and enhancing the appearance of their smile. Some adults may have received orthodontic treatment during their youth but require a "touch-up" to restore their desired smile.

At Freedman & Haas Orthodontics, we recognize that each patient has unique dental needs and deserves personalized attention and care. We are dedicated to providing the most suitable treatment in a welcoming environment.

Contact us today to schedule a complimentary consultation and begin your journey towards a rejuvenated smile.

Making Patient Care Our Priority

At Freedman & Haas Orthodontics, your care is our top priority. Whether you choose metal or clear braces, you can rest assured that you're in the best hands. We're dedicated to providing exceptional orthodontic care in a welcoming, patient-focused environment. Ready to start your journey towards a better smile? Contact us today to schedule your free consultation. Experience the difference at Freedman & Haas Orthodontics — where beautiful smiles begin.