Pediatric Orthodontist In West Palm Beach & Wellington, FL

When your young child has crooked teeth or an overbite, you may be unsure what to do. Should you wait to see if their teeth “straighten out” on their own or does your child need treatment now? What is early intervention orthodontics? How young is too young? You will get the answers you need from a skilled orthodontist.

The “Right” Age to See An Orthodontist

The American Association of Orthodontics recommends that your child see an orthodontist no later than age 7 in order to diagnose potential issues. Once your child’s permanent teeth begin to come in around that age, the orthodontist can spot problems like crowding teeth and an uneven bite. Other common issues are protruding front teeth and crossbites.

Taking your young child to an orthodontist doesn’t mean that they will come home with braces. It just means that the orthodontist can identify issues and plan for future treatment.

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Early Intervention

Early intervention, also known as interceptive orthodontics or two-phase treatment, may shorten the time your child wears braces later on. In the past, treatment might have included pulling some of your child’s permanent teeth to eliminate crowding. Now treatment is more advanced. Since your child’s jaw is still growing, it’s possible to use a palatal expander to enlarge their dental arch. That means their teeth will be able to come in straighter and with fewer issues.

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