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I would like to recommend D.r Freedman and Dr. Haas and thank them for their dedication to excellence and to patient satisfaction. After two years in braces, I have the beautiful smile and corrected bite that I had hoped to obtain. I chose their practice because of the excellence of their credentials, their years of experience, and the thoroughness of the initial consultation with Dr. Haas. I had many concerns about getting braces due to my age and dental issues. She made some recommendations which I followed and which made both of us comfortable in proceeding with this process. She helped me choose which type of braces would give me the best outcome.

One of the concepts that I came to understand while undergoing this process is that orthodontics is more than a science and dentistry; it is an art form. The skill level, years of experience, the creative vision of the orthodontist, and his or her attention to detail are important to the final outcome. Both Dr. Freedman and Dr. Haas excel in these areas.

I would also like to thank their assistants, and office staff who are highly skilled and processional. They also have the patience of saints, especially in this difficult time and touchy atmosphere generated by COVID-019.

While wearing braces and undergoing adjustments is not particularly fun, Dr. Freedman, Dr. Haas and their staff made the experience as enjoyable as possible. I was always greeted with a smile and by name. I was always asked if my adjustments were comfortable and tweaks were made if wires were poking me. I felt that everyone in the practice cared about me and the outcome of the process.

Most importantly, I have a smile that has exceeded my expectations!



Drs Freedman and Hass are the best! As an adult I didn’t think I could ever have straight teeth. I did not want braces.  Dr Freedman recommended Invisalign and I’m delighted with my straight teeth. I highly recommend them. I could not be more delighted with the staff as well as GREAT doctors!


They worked on both of my daughters when they were younger & I just finished Invislines! My girls are adults now & their teeth still look amazing & I love the final product after using Invislines! They are so accommodating & everyone is always so friendly!


I have known Dr Freedman and Dr Haas for close to 30 years. They have treated our own children with orthopedic skeletal expansion and orthodontics. After having taken an orthodontic mini residency myself, I am aware of the vastly differing quality of care offered by today’s orthodontic practitioners. Drs. Freedman and Haas treat patients with deliberate consideration for issues like skeletal alignment, airway, and TMJ health.

Unfortunately these paramount considerations are too often given little thought by many orthodontic practitioners, who prefer to limit their treatment to the more lucrative practice of cosmetically straightening “smiles.”

Because the effects of skeletal, airway, and TMJ pathology can have far-reaching and devastating consequences that will follow a patient throughout their lives, I felt that it was most important to choose an orthodontic team like Drs. Freedman and Haas to treat my own children.

It is a choice with which we have been very happy. Their attention to detail is such that they even fabricate their own appliances, something that almost no other orthodontist today will spend the time to do. In sum, I would confidently recommend them to anyone.

Dr. Dewey, DDS

My son, daughter and myself each had braces with Dr. Friedman. I was 50 years old when I got my braces! It was the best thing I have ever done for myself! Dr. Friedman and his assistant, Melissa, were amazing for all 3 of us! I feel much more confident and truly blessed to have the teeth/smile I had always dreamed of! Jenna at the front desk is so nice and accommodating as well. If you need an orthodontist, look no further!!! Thanks again for everything, Dr. Freedman and staff!


Melissa is absolutely delightful. She handles my daughter with such care. She knows all of her patients by name. She is knowledgeable; always knows what needs to be done. We look forward to seeing her during our visits.


Some years ago, I was suffering from a TMJ problem that resulted in jaw pain. My teeth were everywhere in my mouth. I had a substantial natural gap. When I saw Dr. Freedman, he promised me that he would help. I followed his treatment plan. Three years later, my gap disappeared for good. My jaws are in good health. My teeth are in perfect order. Thanks to doctors Freedman and Haas, my teeth now resemble two rows of pearls behind my lips. I am delighted with the work they did. They did a lot of work, and the cost was reasonable. The staff is fantastic.


Doctors Freedman and Haas are the best! I had multiple problems with my teeth and they solved them in a very short amount of time. They are very understanding with your pain and they always do what is best for you. The doctors are very nice and the staff is always courteous. All in all, I just want to thank Dr. Freedman and Haas for their outstanding work!


I highly recommend. They have a great team and they are very good at what they do, very professional. I left feeling like a new man.


I am impressed by your commitment to excellence in patient care, service and the finest esthetics. Your results are great and are always getting better. You are both talented clinicians, two of the best.


This place is the best! They helped me with everything I needed to get that perfect smile. The entire staff is the best and very good at what they do.


I’ve had my braces off for 6 years and my teeth look exactly like the day I got them Off! I had a permanent retainer put in and recently it broke and the office was willing to see me immediately after to get it fixed. The staff are always helpful and accommodating. I would definitely recommend this office!


We were very impressed with the whole office. The staff was always courteous and responsive to any question or issue. I would highly recommend this practice for any orthodontic needs


The work that Drs. Freedman and Haas did for me is like no other. My teeth are officially movie star status. Because of them, I have more confidence in myself, and I know my smile is one of a kind. These people are the best and know exactly what they are doing.


Whether an adult , child, or teenager, all will find the same care in the most able hands of Dr. Douglas Freedman! I was impressed! Respect, consideration, kindness and smiles abound within this Office. The staff takes its cues from the two Doctors, and what could be a horrible Experience, becomes a palatable, and sometimes pleasant and jolly time within the colorful offices!


I would really like to thank Drs Freedman & Hass for the outstanding work and such great results with my son’s smile. You and your team are exceptional at improving smiles and building confidence. Thank you for all you do!!!


I’m an adult patient of Freedman and Haas Orthodontics. I am 9 months into my treatment plan and I’m very pleased and excited with my progress. I have received nothing but gentle, professional, and timely care from this Orthodontic practice. My progress is so noticeable that several friends and co-workers have commented, and have become clients of Freedman and Haas. I highly recommend them for all of your Orthodontic care.


Dr. Freedman is the best orthodontist in my experience with braces. I highly recommend him to all of my family and friends who need braces. He is extremely nice, friendly, kind, and understanding. He is very understanding about pain through out treatment, and takes walk ins often if I needed a wire clipped or if something was uncomfortable in my mouth. Highly recommend.


Very impressed with the doctors, technicians and staff. Melissa was very nice and took time to explain options and potential risks. I really appreciate the time and attention. Extremely courteous and professional. Price very reasonable as well. I live 25 minutes away from the office, but its definitely worth the drive. Highly recommend.


I had an exceptional experience at the office of Drs. Haas and Freedman. Their steadfast dedication to detail and commitment to my treatment was unwavering. From the personalized care I received, to the amazing cookies and coffee, I looked forward to my visits to the office. Both orthodontists are professional, personable, and empathetic. Everything from the decor in the West Palm Beach office to the movies and video games are an added bonus. The doctors took the time to speak with me about my specific condition and made themselves always available. Also, I like that they both contribute immensely to the community and sponsor sports teams and charity events. They made me, the patient, the priority and I recommend them to anyone requiring orthodontic work.


Our children just got their braces removed. We are thrilled with the results of the hard work of the doctors and techs at this office. The kids smiles are gorgeous! Our son started with fangs and 2 levels of teeth, our daughter had teeth erupting in her palate and now their teeth are perfectly aligned. What an amazing transformation! Love the gorgeous, artistic office, the amazing staff, and the fact that appointments always run on time. Wish I could give 10 stars. Highly reccomend. You will be thrilled!


When my older daughter needed braces I asked around her school for recommendations. The only name I was hearing was Drs Freedman and Haas. I thought they were the only orthodontists in south Florida. I went for a consultation and they were as nice as can be, explaining every thing and showing me before and after pictures of patients, I was convinced. Not having dental insurance they really worked with me and understood my situation. They combined the phases so she went from having her palate expanded in order to widen her smile, to braces within the 24 months amazing changes were happening. After they came off she was left with an amazing smile her confidence level shot through the roof and she was left smiling like a model. Whenever she smiles I smile and when pictures are taken her smile stands out above everyone elses.

Happy Smiley Mom

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