Orthodontics For Teens In West Palm Beach & Wellington, FL

The teenage years are the most common time to receive orthodontic treatment for a reason. Get your children started on their journey to a perfect smile by addressing any concerns shortly after they get most of their permanent teeth in.

Once a child reaches age 12, the majority of their teeth are permanent. You have a good opportunity to take your teen to an orthodontist to see if they have any issues with their teeth that should be addressed early on. A few concerns that you may have include overbites, underbites, and positioning problems.

Treatment Choices

Braces are the go-to option for fixing alignment issues of the teeth during the teenage years. Many of their peers will also have braces, which can help relieve self-conscious feelings that they may have. Since braces typically stay on for anywhere from one to three years, they have the rest of their teenage years to enjoy their straightened smiles.

When you combine braces with encouraging your teen to follow proper dental hygiene practices, you can set them up with an excellent smile for the rest of their lives.

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Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment for Teens

Your teen gets many benefits from receiving orthodontic treatment during their formative years.

  • Reduce the potential for food to get trapped between teeth. When your teen’s teeth are properly aligned, they can easily clean all areas of the tooth. Since bacteria can grow on this debris and cause tooth decay, it’s best to prevent this situation from occurring entirely.

  • Make it easier for your teen to eat a healthy diet. When they don’t experience pain while they’re chewing, they’ll be less likely to turn their nose up at food that needs some work before they can swallow it.

  • Avoid conditions that could lead to short- and long-term pain. TMJ, which is commonly characterized by a clicking sound at the jaw, doesn’t only cause pain in the mouth. The tension can also lead to headaches and other adverse conditions that impact quality of life.

  • Dental health is tied to your teen’s overall health. If they struggle with frequent problems with their teeth, it could lead to serious medical issues elsewhere in the body.